Why Is This ‘Season’ So Long?

  Every time I hear someone say something like 'this season won't last forever' when referring to another person that is struggling with what's going on in their life and how God is shaping them for what is going to come next, I almost always think 'this has been a realllly long season! This season seems to have lasted like half my life!' It just hit me this week that I am thinking of my struggles and difficult times in the past to a time when God was molding, pruning and shaping me.  I realized that that is not the case.  There were some things that happened when I was younger that were out of my control (which happens to everyone) that negatively affected me that I still deal with today.  I was including that time and those things in my current 'season'.  Also, after that, I went on to make some bad decisions and (I talk about a couple of them here) decided to not listen to God or bother to ask Him what He wanted me to do with my life.  Of course, there are consequences to disobedience.  Those consequences, like good and bad decisions affect me today.  I also included that time in my life in my current season. Basically, I'm looking at my life and my current 'season' and how things in some areas are more difficult than I'd like them to be and I'm wondering when this 'season' is going to be over.  And I'm thinking 'when is God going to be done? This season has lasted like half of my life!'  But, my 'season' of disobedience is not   was looking at my life now and how things are more difficult than I would like and I wonder when this 'season' will be over.   back over my life and thinking about how   Every time I hear someone refer to 'seasons' of life and how 'this season won't last forever', especially when they're referring you're struggling, I  talk about being in a certain 'season' of their life

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