God Never Talks To Me

blog-god-never-talks-to-me   I have definitely felt like this.  And at times I still do.  I have been praying to hear God audibly speak to me as if He were right in front of me.  The first time I prayed that, the verse Jeremiah 29:13 immediately came to mind.
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
God does things His way.  I don't know if He'll ever speak to me audibly, out loud like you talk to another person.  But it doesn't mean that He's not speaking to me. I asked Him to speak to me out loud for 2 reasons.
  1. I want someone to talk to.  I know that He is with me all the time, but I would like to have a conversation, a dialogue.  When I pray, I always ask Him to speak to me if He has something to say to me.  When I didn't hear something, I'd get frustrated and think "God's not talking to me."
  2. I want to know FOR SURE what He wants me to do. I don't want there to be any chance I mess something up, misunderstand what I'm supposed to be doing, etc. So, if I hear God speak to me as clearly as I hear my professor when she's standing in front of me in class, I know I'm good!
When I got over my frustration of not hearing God the way I preferred to hear Him, I started to notice that I was hearing from Him in the form of His Word.  Not every single time, but a good deal of the time, I will pray to HIm about whatever is on my heart, ask for Him to speak to me, wait in silence, finish praying and then begin reading the bible.  Then I notice that the randomly chosen devotional topic and accompanying verses are related EXACTLY to what I was just praying about! Or if I'm studying a chapter and doing V.A.U.L.T., it speaks to my situation. If God never spoke to any of us in any capacity, we would really be okay, because He's already said everything He needs to say in the bible. Of course He will speak to all of us in different ways, and who knows, He may at some point speak to me audibly, but I think that this point in my life, He is trying to develop me in being persistent and pursuing Him and a relationship with Him the way He wants it done.  If He never speaks to me audibly, I know that He is with me, cares about me and is working on my behalf. If you feel the way I have, talk to God about it.  He knows how you feel anyway and He'll help you. Then, read His Word.  It's His love letter to us.  It's His instruction manual for life.  Everything we need to know is in there...and He still will help us through what we're going through. ♥ Angela

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